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Cloud computing: A revolution to come

(Moved from aswanikumarv.blogspot.com) Originally posted on: Wed, Aug 19, 2009

I would like to make my comments on Cloud computing. As an admirer of technology and sciences, and more as a professional in computer software engineering, I have been reading articles about cloud computing on the web.
The meaning, importance, power and almost every other thing that relates to Cloud computing can be understood from the very name. It is self-explanatory.
Hee, the objects (software/hardware) are available in the form of a cloud, which any authorized user can access. It is sizeable, on the go; one can upsize or downsize their server as easily as they post a message to his/her friend on a social networking site, no wires, no cables, no power and obviously no hassles, no worries.

Today, there are many Independent Software Vendors, we will call them ISVs hereafter, who cannot afford full sized web-servers and database servers for the applications they develop. For the costs of their procurement and maintenance are too high and far, really far beyond imagination. That said, another reason for their not procurement of their own servers is scalability.

Now that this part is taken up by the provider of the cloud, the ISV must now pay only for the machine, and that is based on the time he uses it for!
Now suppose that there are about a 100 such , and with the advent of the cloud computing, suppose that 50 of them will host their applications on their own servers.
Now the purpose or domain of these applications is what brings competition among these 50 ISVs.
But let me interrupt the narration about these 50 ISVs and ask you a simple question, do you think it is only 100 such ISVs in this real world? No. Millions are there. So imagine the competition and the revolution that is to come.

A picture is worth 1000 words… A video is worth a thousand pictures…


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