FAQs on the cloud

What are people thinking about cloud computing?


1. What is this thing called “Cloud computing”?

a. Cloud computing is kind of generalized, automated & integrated virtualization;


2. Why is there a lot of hype all over?

a. There is a lot of hype all over because.. cloud computing is a revolution to come… http://bit.ly/g2z3su;


3. Is that something fictional? Is that really possible?

a. It is not fictional.. If you believe you can create more than a few virtual machines on a single physical computer, Cloud computing is very much possible – In fact, it is proven and current, you cannot really question it’s practicality (http://aws.amazon.com,http://cloudpower.in, …);


4. How can a Virtual Machine (VM) be scaled to a capacity more than what the underlying host has?

a. There is not one but a whole lot of physical servers that serve as the cloud. Usually there will be a master host which controls the behavior of the rest of the hosts. It manages to get VMs that have uncorrelated work-load peaks and valleys on to a physical host, and is transparent..


5. I don’t think a VM on the cloud is as efficient as a physical, dedicated server for my application, I’d rather opt to have a dedicated server?

a. Latencies may pop-in, but there is always a trade-off. You evaluate the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), for your business. Physical dedicated servers **may** do good, but if I were you, I would consider the maintenance costs like datacenter cooling, power, building lease and other misc. maintenaces & also overall server utilization against the efficiency of the application. I would not want my servers to be idle during non-peak hours – I have to pay the same amount out of pocket even it is non-peak as for my business. I want my business to be **cost-effective**




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