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Big Data: NoSQL & the DBA

January 11, 2013 1 comment

Of late, “Big Data” has become one of the hottest topics in the worlds of business and computing.

I’ve done a presentation recently in an internal conference about Big Data, related technologies and how today’s Database Administrators are affected by it. Here’s a background/outline of the talk followed by the presentation itself (slimmed down version).


Customer feedback is very important for any business with out which there cannot be any improvement in the products/services it offers. So, over time, companies have followed several different approaches like in person surveys, random phone calls to customers to get the feedback.

Today, connected devices like mobile phones, tablet PCs, social networks with hundreds of millions of users and various sensors are generating enormous amounts of data (of the orders of hundreds of terabytes to a few petabytes), and at exceptional speeds (A single jet engine on the Boeing 737 generates as much as 240TB of data in a cross-country flight).

So businesses are calling this large volumes of data as “Big Data” and is learning to leverage it for surveys and feedbacks. Therefore it has become highly crucial for the success of any business.

Traditional database softwares are proving to be inefficient to capture and store this avalanche of data. With a little out-of-the-box thinking, the open source community has come up with several systems that can acquire, manage, and process such large volumes. Organizations must make a wise decision in picking a system.

Big Data is also creating several new roles and early birds can make a fortune. 🙂

In this talk, I discussed various technologies available, their working principles and the opportunities available for today’s DBA to explore in this new world of Big Data.

The presentation

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Technology trends (in search volumes)

January 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Trends in search patterns for technologies & businesses in the decade ended 2010

These graphs from Google trends may not reflect the actual & exact number of people who had their interests on each of these technologies over time, but I believe, it is to some extent, true. In here are my personal opinions on how the trends in the industry have been & going to be.


Trends in Googling for Artificial Intelligence – S.O.A – Virtualization – Cloud computing – NoSQL

Trends: Artificial Intelligence VS Cloud Computing VS Service Oriented Architecture VS NoSQL VS Virtualization

A.I - Cloud - SOA - NoSQL - Virtualization

The picture clearly shows that A.I. ruled for about three years in a row, the volume of search queries in this space has been slowly falling though. We have seen so many A.I. products coming to light. Chat Bots, Spam filters, and fraud detection systems have all become popular over time by incorporating Natural Language Processing & Machine learning. In spite of studies, and R&D over a decade, A.I. has still got a whole lot of shapely changes to bring about on the industry. Knowledge representation and application can get a lot better than it is today!

To A.I., it has already been a long journey as compared to other technologies, ‘coz Google trends are available only from 2004, but A.I. as such, actually, dates back to 1956 (Ref: Wikipedia). To my knowledge, Artificial Intelligence has been in the curricula at universities since late 90s, or could be even before that. Reasearch & development has also been “on” ever since, and it appears that the search trend had its highest peak in early 2004.

When it comes to “Virtualization” and “Cloud computing”, there is a steep rise in the volume of search queries from mid 2004 and 2007 respectively. Cloud computing has revolutionized the market. So much so that… Larry Ellison, CEO & founder of Oracle corporation, has once said that Cloud computing is an insane concept (Ref: 1, 2, 3, ), and is now providing Oracle 11g database on Amazon Web Services and his team is presenting about Cloud in various conferences.

Cloud computing dramatically drives down costs and improves overall server utilization how? . This one factor helped the technology create shock waves in business computing. That is the reason why the spike is so steep for this technology.

The NoSQL movement, MapReduce, and CAP theorem  have started gaining popularity slowly in the mid 2008 as per the graph above. These technologies have had a great impact on the way businesses are classifying and handling the data they work with. They scale to vast sizes and offer High Availability.

Now that we have observed the technology trends, let us look at the Businesses and/or business areas that have had the edge over these years.

Oracle -vs- Miccrosoft -vs- Google -vs- Yahoo -vs- Wikipedia

Yahoo, Google, Wikipedia, are over the software giants Oracle and Microsoft. It can be inferred that open-source and free-to-use services gained the edge.

It is needless to state now that open source & free-to-use websites are the Go for startups, but is worth noting that it is the technology & the scope of business you choose that makes the difference! Know the trend before you hit the ground.